Ashley bananas

Ashley bananas are almost always weird. They’re small, and often misshapen — like either too thin, or too rounded. And they’re often green and brown at the same time.

 I find what I consider normal bananas pretty much anywhere else — Stop N Shop, Whole Foods, NYC street vendors.

I have concluded that Ashley buys irregular bananas from its supplier because they’re cheaper. 

Has anyone else noticed substandard bananas at Ashley or am I bananas?

I don’t shop at Ashley but I find this thread fascinating. Please people, tell us more!

Are they brand name bananas, like Chiquita or (who else sells bananas)?

Or are they generic?

Ashley Bananas sounds like a YouTube sensation. 

I buy our bananas anywhere but Ashley -- we noticed the direct green-to-brown years ago. 

My guess was that they arrive in a refrigerated truck while green, and are never able to ripen after that refrigeration. 

Whatever the reason, I agree that they tend to go from green to brown without passing through an actual ripe yellow banana stage. I hadn't thought about it in a while, and now you've added a new 'irregular' banana theory to the mix.

Ashley Bananas? i think I dated her in college.

I find a lot of things are odd at Ashley, including the incredibly short-lived lunch meat. Really disappointed how things have changed there since it was Eden. 

 Costco bananas used to be like that. 

The_Soulful_Mr_T said:
Ashley Bananas? i think I dated her in college.

 this answers my question, which was "Who is Ashley Bananas?"

I was thinking mobster's daughter 

Trumps newest girlfriend. 

Sounds like you've solved the problem.  grin 

Smedley said:

I find what I consider normal bananas pretty much anywhere else — Stop N Shop, Whole Foods, NYC street vendors.


Unless we’re willing to accept genetically modified bananas, they’ll be extinct before we know it...  so enjoy any bananas you can get!

Could they be plantains?

The plantains I know are thicker, as in much much wider and really look like giant bananas.

The pic is D holding a plantain, which here looked like a double-banana.

I finally remember to follow up on this important issue. The weird, stubby bananas that turn black are plantains. The black ones still felt quite firm and are probably still good to eat and more sweet than the yellow/green ones. (Unlike real bananas, which become inedible pretty quickly once they've turned black.) I've never cooked plantains, but I doubt they'd keep them out if they were marginal.

The real bananas are around the corner in bags labeled Chiquita.

I'm really impressed with Ashley's produce section. They have a great variety, at least of the stuff I'm looking for. For example, I doubt okra is a big seller in NJ, but they always have it. Lots of differnet peppers. And I love the giant bunches of dill, unlike the few sprigs you get for $1.99 at other stores. Everything always looks nice and fresh. Have you ever been to Whole Foods late in the evening? Now that's some sad-looking produce. 

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