Anyone watching Younger?

This is a new show on TV Land. Yes, TV Land. I stumbled upon it surfing the nether regions of cable a month ago. Now I'm addicted and dying to talk about it with someone. #guiltypleasure

LOVE this show! It is soooo good!

Really? It's good? I've seen the commercial no fewer than 50 billion times and it drives me crazy so I don't know if I can actually watch the show oh oh But maybe I'll give it a shot. 

It's very clever, and I love Sutton Foster. Her delivery is hilarious. The premise is extremely difficult for me to believe, though, and I don't see how she can possibly keep up the pretense for long, but I suppose the trouble that ensues will be good material for them? I hope this is longer lived than Sutton Foster's last TV job in "Bunheads." I loved that show, but it only made it through two seasons.

Clever is a good word for it. I enjoy it too. Sutton Foster is excellent and makes it work.

Just heard it is picked up for a second season. Will be interesting to see how the carry the lie into season 2. I guess the premise is as believable as other sitcoms. I'm happy to ignore the obvious flaws and enjoy the show  I especially love Debi Mazar. Sutton Foster is a marvel - I never watched Bunheads but I hear she was also a Broadway star. 

Yes, she's a huge Broadway star! 

The thing that made me laugh is Hilary Duff is not even 26 grin It seems like an extremely young age to pick for the premise.

Maplewood mentioned on the show tonight! 

If you're not watching, you're missing a great show!

When is this show on, and on what channel (Fios)?

@Shoshannah  it's on Tues at 10p on TV Land. It's also available on demand so you can binge and catch up!

Hahaha said:

@Shoshannah  it's on Tues at 10p on TV Land. It's also available on demand so you can binge and catch up!


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