Any South Orangers know what this is about?

I came across this story today and thought - whaaaat??

31 Vose ave is the post office, fwiw. That's not the site under "dispute" but is allegedly the address of the "consulate" of some folks trying to steal her home. Weird as s-.

well, that was pretty weird.

OMG - that is insane!

I hadn't followed the links - it seems that this is in Newark, not South Orange, though the "organization" that is claiming ownership is using the South Orange post office (probably a PO box) as a base address. But it's not far from here either. I drive through that neighborhood often.

It seems really awful and I hope this young lady is able to get rid of those creeps for good.

Yes - appears to be by Ellery and Ivy Street in the Vailsburg section - pretty close.

There was a guy, about 15 years ago. He operated in Newark and would file fraudulent deeds in the Essex County courthouse to claim that he. owned properties in the city.

This was/is of concern to me. It would seem that anyone could buy bland deed forms from some of the legal form vendors and file same, along with a $50 (or whatever) fee and the paper would be placed in the book at the hall of records. I wonder if there are safeguards at the county clerk's office to guard against this.

I don't recall the disposition of his case. I just recall reading about it in the Ledger.

It's scary. And it seems to prey on people who are less likely to have the means to fight them in court.

I also worry about seniors - depending on the senior, of course, but I know of some who if they got a notice like this would be really scared and easily bullied into giving up everything.

Prosecutors really need to go after these kinds of group for deterrence.

Bottom line is: Beware of Moorish Sovereigns!

They’re hoaxes perpetrated by the Moorish sovereign citizen movement, a conspiratorial group that claims its members are the rightful owners of virtually all property in America.

HatsOff said

 We prefer "South Oranginx's." ;-)

Interesting that the organization declares that it is exempt from ZIP Codes, but in a non-obvious way uses a P.O. Box at the SO Post Office as its mailing address. 

jimmurphy said:

 We prefer "South Oranginx's." ;-)

 Sounds like trouble (jinx!)

Or like a fizzy drink popular in France.

Seems they knew how to plan for a training event in Maine but their plans didn’t include how to read a gas gauge.

This whole story is outlandish!

And pretty bizarre!

It seems like the confrontation was intentional. They were traveling from RI to Maine. It’s like 70 miles inside Massachusetts. They filled gas cans before they left so they wouldn’t have to stop “for commerce” in MA, but again, it’s a very short drive. I wouldn’t be surprised to find they had been standing in that breakdown lane for an hour waiting for a cop to drive by. 

I'm surprised that they don't call themselves "moops".

STANV said:

I'm surprised that they don't call themselves "moops".

 Or slobbering citizens.

They could of at least put her up on a reservation if they were going to just take over her home like that. 

the_18th_letter said:

They could of at least put her up on a reservation if they were going to just take over her home like that. 

 Or give her a blanket infected with smallpox to keep her warm at night.

Can anyone explain who this woman THOUGHT she was buying this house from?  Or who her attorney thought they were dealing with?

Haven't watched the whole tik tok story ... but were all the forms on the seller's side just faked??? & no one caught it?

Jamie:  Did you say it happened right in Vaux Hall?  Hard to believe this could happen on a widespread basis without cops catching on.

The sale of the house was perfectly legit. The people who moved in had no claim whatsoever on the house ... they just asserted that they did, and moved in. The young woman (buyer) was completely in the right and the trespassers are likely going to prison for breaking and entering, or something like that,

it is not Vauxhall, it is Newark, very close to MW border. I originally posted about SO because this groups mailing address is the South Orange post office.

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