ANCHOR Property Tax Relief

We filed about five weeks ago, but have not yet received our refund. What have other people experienced time-wise with the refund process.

For those who haven't filed yet, the deadline for filing is at the end of February.

it's scheduled for late Spring according to what I read here:

Filing period extends through the end of February 2023. This is the second time the deadline for filing has been extended.  Depending on response level at end of February, it could be extended further.

Ours was direct deposited on 3/28.

Yes, I see ours was direct deposited on 3/28, too

According to an article in the current issue of Third Wave, ANCHOR rebates will be sent out in batches.  Everyone who filed and qualified should receive their payment by the end of May, 2023.

Got ours in the mail today.

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