An Incredible Night of Music, Right in Your Own Backyard! 5/2 Maplewood Glee Club Concert featuring Columbia HS A Capella Group

We'll even feed you after the concert!  We're thrilled to welcome back Columbia HS's Unaccompanied Minors A Capella Choir to our concert what on Saturday 5/2 at 8PM.  

We'll showcase a set from our annual Plumer Scholarship winner (an incredible jazz pianist), plus a set from the ever-popular Doo Wop Preservation Society.

And never seen before, the youngsters and the geezers will (attempt to) sing a song together ("Seasons of Love" from Rent).

Tickets online at the link above,here: or  at the door.  The Columbia kids are worth the price of admission alone.  Join us please!

It sounds great, but it would probably be good to include all the details here (including alternatives for ticket purchase) since there are some MOLers who don't use Facebook.

@sac done!  Added another link--thanks for the suggestion--hope to see you there.

ETA:  I don't think people need to "use" FB n order to access the FB ink, info etc--I may be wrong.

 I assume the concert will once again be held at the Prospect Presbyterian Church on Prospect Street corner of Tuscan Road in Maplewood.  Can you please confirm this?

Yes at Prospect Presbyterian at 8PM this Saturday oh oh

Wait until you hear the HS A capella kids--so great!

Just shared it on my FB page.

Here's a little sample from last year of the kids:

Tickets moving quickly--thank you!  Looking forward to sharing a great night of music!

@BAK:  Still haven't received a reply to my PM to you on Tuesday re: tickets.  Unfortunately, my phone does not have texting capability.  Are tickets still available?  Can I get them tomorrow at the door?

Message received.  Thank you so much.  I think we have only missed one Glee Club concert in the past 20 years or more and are looking forward to tomorrow's performance.  

Come out tonight and join us tonight--we'll even feed you afterwards!!

Looking forward to it.  Just saw the Glee Club Concert sign outside the venue.  Lots of persons seeing it while making their contributions to the MEND food drive going on now at that location.

A great concert.  I can't believe it lasted for two and a half hours.  The jazz pianist solo, the Doo Wop Preservation Society, the Unaccompanied Minors, and of course the full Glee Club ensemble were all a pleasure to listen too.   Thank you so much to everyone who made this concert possible.

My only regret is that it is sad to see the number of Glee Club members shrinking so despite the addition of several new members this year.  I hope some more of the men in our community, will consider joining and participating in the Men's Glee Club when they start up again in the fall.  I'm sure bak can provide information if any are interested.

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