3 year-old Husky needs to be adopted!


A friend of mine was interested in adopting this Husky here in NYC. Her landlord would not allow pets at the time and someone else adopted the pup. Eight months later the pup was brought back and my friend had already adopted another dog but wants to find a great home for him!

Saber was adopted 5 times and brought back due to the puppy still nipping and the owners not being aware of the Husky breed (and probably had a tiny NYC apartment). 

My family dog, Heidi, was also a husky who, to our luck, was returned several times for the same reasons. When we got her she changed our lives forever (and some of the furniture ). I know huskies can look "scary" with the early markings, but once it clears up, huskies are the sweetest and silliest (as well as sneakiest) of dogs. My friend and I are worried that this pup will look "too scary" and "wild" to potential adoptees hence my reaching out to my hometown for help!

I now live in Brooklyn and if it wasn't for my two cats, lack of space, and a 9-5 job, I'd adopt him asap.

PLEASE let me know if YOU are interested in adopting this poor little guy or SHARE with someone you know who might be interested. Huskies are stubborn and VERY energetic, so please be mindful! Poor guy has to wear a muzzle because he is still a puppy and nips. Time, repetition, and patience will do wonders!

Thank you in advance!

P.S. I would be willing to transport the dog from NYC to Maplewood!

I forwarded this to a friend who is a Husky lover and recently put down his pet Husky.  

bub said:
I forwarded this to a friend who is a Husky lover and recently put down his pet Husky.  

 I am so sorry to hear about your friend....poor guy. Please do let me know!

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