The Cat is Down and Safe --Update

Had to use this title because all of the appropriate titles have been used.  

Yesterday my dogs chased a cat up a tree in my backyard and it is still there 20 hours later.  Personally I do not care for cats but I don't want anything bad to happen to it.

What do I do or who do I call?  Iirc someone on MOL said the Fire Dept. no longer assists in getting cats out of trees.  Even if they did, I don't know if they would be able to get a ladder against the tree.  

I know people always say the cat will find its way down, but it has been over 20 hours and not only is the cat still there but it went up even higher overnight. 

Does our animal control contractor do this type of thing?  



Maybe lean a ladder up and leave food on the rungs?  Perhaps you can find a way to hang something with water on a rung too.

Thanks, but unfortunately I think the neighborhood cats will get the food first.  The senior citizens building is behind me and there is an old lady who feeds the cats by throwing food out her window, which happens to be where the tree is located

If you are in SOMA you can call St. Hubert's and see if they can send their animal control officer. They are our ACOs.

usually theory says the cat will find a way to come back down, safely. 

Many years ago, my kitten managed to crawl high in a street tree and wouldn’t climb down as I called, no matter what I did. I rang the vet, the local fire brigade, some local wildlife rescue folk, a whole range of people. I was reassured that if the kitty got up the tree, she could in fact find her way down, all she needed was time and quiet. For some it’s a rumbling tummy that brings them down, others it’s the need for the litter box; they need to feel safe and quiet before they’ll try. My kitty hadn’t climbed a tree before, but yeah she found her way down (and inhaled early dinner!), living another 15 years.

So: you could just make sure there’s a safe clear path back to your place. That way you can check Kitty when she’s down, before calling a rescue service. 

Or perhaps there’s an after-hours ranger service that might help, without scaring her further?

Perhaps @Morganna has more ideas?

Thanks everyone

Elle Cee- Do you know how much  Rob charges for his services?  It is not my cat and I don't have any extra money laying around, but if it isn't too crazy of a price I will find the money.  

My tree is definitely an easy climb but I am still in a cast so me climbing is out.  

Sorry that you're coping with an injury.  No fun.  

I have no idea how much this would cost.  Maybe PM Rafgeep, the original poster, to find out about Rob Gillies' charge?  I see that you left a message for him/her.  

The link leads eventually to this page:

There are a number of people who do this, but since the June 1st poster has experience with Gillies,  I hope Rafgeep will respond to you.    

The cat finally came down overnight.  I tried everything (short of calling Rob) and it wouldn't come down.  I put out several different brands and flavors of wet cat food,(I almost busted my a*s putting the food up the tree) I blocked off the area so my dogs couldn't go by that tree, I  even belted out a few lines of meows, but that made it climb higher.   That showed me I was dealing with an intelligent cat. oh oh

I figured if he didn't come down by this morning I would then call Rob.  But when I went out back this morning it was gone.  The cat food cans were all over the place, so I don't know if it got any of the food or if something else ate it.  

Hopefully it has learned to stay out of trees.


P.S.  I still do not like cats. LOL

Ha!  Oh, what a crafty cat -- knew you were a tough customer, so figured out a way to get service with a growl.  Thanks for doing the right thing by the little imp.  

Thank you and thanks to all of you who jumped in with suggestions.  

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