1976 Bicentennial Celebration Parade.

Independence Day 1976.

Maplecrest - Hilton area, Springfield Avenue - Courter Avenue.

The CBS "Bicentennial Minutes" are coming back to me as if they were only yesterday.

Thank you for posting these photos.

great photos. Wow, those cars!

Dress standards have certainly changed. I was in DC that day, and it was a hot day. Looking at these photos, it appears that only the kids are wearing shorts.

Has anyone ever noticed when driving through Union. The older business signs have that little colonial molding thing above and below?   For the Bi centennial the town passed a sign ordinance mandating it. So you would drive down Rt 22 and see like THE WIZ sign with olde time colonial trim.

remember the flag on the Verrazano?

Where'd they get the tank?

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